Will you be my guest?

One of the big tasks when you first start planning is creating a guest list! 

You may not know this when you first start planning, but that list is going to be used and can be used for SO many aspects of planning….

  • Collecting addresses
  • Properly addressing envelopes
  • Sharing the list with a printer or calligrapher 
  • Counting how many quests 
  • Tracking RSVPs
  • Collecting food selections (if plated)
  • Creating a seating chart 
  • Sharing with a calligrapher to make a seating chart
  • And more! 

It is important to keep it organized AND in one place so you don’t have multiple lists at the same time!

Take a look at the Invitation Tracker Spreadsheet for more details! 

Follow the helpful tips at the top of the spreadsheet to keep yourself organized! This document can be sent to various vendors as needed throughout the planning process: printer for envelopes, calligrapher for escort card creations and seating chart design, food selection for catering, seating chart for venue and your planner. 

Happy spreadsheeting!