Why You NEED a Planner

Considering hiring a planner? There is TONS of information out there about planners, so we are making it super simple for you. A planner will be with you to ensure your day goes smoothly and can provide great insight into logistics and industry norms among many other things! Planners make a great addition to your team and help you and your family focus on ENJOYING the wedding!

 Full-Service Planning

  • Higher in cost, but these planners will help you throughout the entire process.
  • Services start as soon as you hire them. Their expertise, industry knowledge and organized manner will guide the process to execute every aspect of your wedding.

 Event Management OR Month of Coordination

  • Lower in cost than a fullservice planner, but also provide less support than a fullservice planner.
  • This service typically starts 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. These planners organize all of your hard work, develop your timeline, contact all of your vendors, distribute the details, work closely with your venue contact all prior to the wedding.
  • On the day of the wedding, typically they are there to assist with any details, answer questions from vendors, ensure the set up and plan is executed, and assist during the ceremony and the reception.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: There isn’t really a thing such as “Day Of”. Someone who shows up on the day of your wedding doesn’t know anything about your day, or the reasoning as to why you planned things a certain way to be able to coordinate details and logistics accordingly. If someone were to show up the day of the wedding, they don’t know you personally to make the best decision on the fly if needed. They didn’t spend hours on the phone with you AND your vendors to understand the details of your day. We could go on and on about this subject, but we are confident you understand the point we are trying to make here.

 *Every planner has their own packages and services they provide. Our quick and easy summary above is a generalization. It is best to discuss each planner’s services when meeting them.

Hiring either one of these planners to assist you for your wedding is worth EVERY penny. They will be the support you didn’t realize you needed but will be SO thankful you hired them. In fact, among surveyed newly-weds, one of the number one things they wish they could go back and change was making the decision to hire a planner versus doing everything on their own. Make your planning more enjoyable and hire a planning pro!

If hiring a fullservice planner is out of your budget, we have created this tool to assist you throughout your planning. We still recommend considering hiring a planner for Event Management/Month of Coordination to assist you.

Want to talk with a wedding planner?

If you’d like to talk through your planning and ask experts your biggest questions, you can book a 30 minute complimentary (?) consultation with Andrea Mock, click the XXXX to book time.