What about this vendor?

There are so many options for vendors to hire for your wedding outside the “typical” ones. Below is a list of various vendors that you can hire for your wedding, some are to enhance the guest’s experience, others are for small details, and others are for personal keepsakes from your special day!

Drink Stamps

  • These stamps are a fun way to brand the event, have funny sayings or a picture of you and your fiancé! Your guests will love a fun picture of you in their glass! 

Tequila/Whiskey Tasting 

  • You could incorporate this as part of the favor as well, possibly a shot glass? Or a mini tequila/whiskey bottle to take home.

Fireworks, sparklers, or cold sparklers

  • Be sure to check with the venue about how to properly utilize real sparklers, cold sparklers (non flammable special effect sparklers) or fireworks.

Champagne Girls/Dresses

  • Why not have a 5 foot tall champagne glasses that have ladies serving champagne from. Or instead of a champagne wall, hire a performer to wear a wire framed dress that has champagne holders. 

Dressed up Servers

  • These servers are always a great hit! Whether they have light up tables, fun costumes, or unique trays/displays. It’s a nice touch to cocktail hour!

Cigar Roller

  • Not only a great activity, but also a great favor for guests. 

Brazilian Dancers | Salsa Dancers | LED light up Entertainers

  • Want to really hype up the party? Imagine the surprise guests when the performers come out on the dance floor.

Live Painter

  • This is an amazing keepsake to hang in your future home! The artist can paint the ceremony, venue or reception. 

Second Line

  • If you are in New Orleans, you know ALL about Second Lines! These Second Lines are a wonderful way to transition from one location to another (if in walking distance), get the party started or help end the night with a bang! Don’t forget your umbrellas! 

Synchronized Swimmers

  • It would be so fun during a backyard wedding with a pool!

Additional Ideas

  • Acrobats 
  • Fire Dancers
  • Caricature Artists
  • Mariachi Band
  • Live Musicians
    • Harpist
    • Pianist
    • Saxophonist