Venue Coordinator VS Event Coordinator/Planner

You may ask yourself, if I have a venue coordinator, do I need an Event Manager/ Month of Coordination/“Day of” planner? 

The quick answer is YES! But let’s explain why: 

Here is what they ARE doing…

  1. The venue coordinator is not your wedding planner. 
  2. The venue coordinator ensures their building and their equipment (table, cars, bars, etc.) is where it needs to be based on details that have been confirmed from your conversations.
  3. They are preparing the catering (if in house) including bar, food, staff, etc. to make sure everyone is ready to rock and roll. 
  4. They are ensuring the venue and bathrooms are clean. 
  5. They are confirming their security is handled, managed, set, on time and ready for your wedding day!

Here is what they are NOT doing…

  1. They are NOT creating a timeline for your ceremony or reception prior to the wedding. 
  2. They are NOT reminding your aunt to have a copy of her readings during the rehearsal. 
  3. They are NOT calling all of the vendors the week of your wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page. 
  4. They are NOT cuing the DJ for introductions. 
  5. They are NOT taking your personal items to your car at the end of the night. 
  6. They are NOT calling the officiant when he/she is late. 

Get the idea?! 

***Every venue is different and provides different support, but typically, their responsibility pertains to only THEIR venue.***

The venue coordinators are absolutely an integral part of your wedding, but they are not your planner. They have many other responsibilities associated with the venue to ensure the day runs smoothly. 

Think of it this way – The venue coordinator works for the venue. Your planner works for YOU. 

Which is why it is recommended that you have a point person to ensure all of the details are taken care of on your wedding day. This should be someone that is not your parent or in the bridal party. You want them to enjoy their day with you. Designate someone or hire a professional (Event Management, Month of Coordination, “Day of”).