One month out!!!!

Whoop whoop! You did it! You made it this far. Your wedding is ONE MONTH away! Take a deep breath and let that soak in for a minute. You are about to be someone’s wife or husband AND you are about to have a wife or husband.

Ok, so how are you doing? You probably have a list of things to do, items to pick up, nails to get done and phone calls to make.

Let’s try to simplify it for you and delegate tasks, come up with a plan and build out your timeline for vendors.

Delegate Items

You are one person, ask for help. Ask a family member to pick up the items you ordered from the store. Ask a friend to go run an errand for you, pick up rings, pick up items from the rental company, help you create the items for the gift/guest book/card table. Or ask a friend to schedule a nail appointment for the bridal party.

 You may like control, but delegating items out and double checking them, relieves stress because you get to cross things off the list. Think of the simple tasks that don’t ACTUALLY require you to be present…. Meeting with your officiant, you need to be there, but picking up an order, buying baskets, organizing name cards can be delegated to someone else.

And don’t feel bad. True friends and people who want to help will be delighted to support you for the wedding. Be kind and gracious when they can help you.

Delegate. Double check. Cross off the list. Repeat.

Build out your plan

Look at a calendar and decide what items can be done each week leading up to the wedding.

Pro Tip: Things ALWAYS come up the week of the wedding, so try to keep it as clear as possible.

Ideally, you will have “finished” all things on your to do list the week PRIOR to the wedding as it is inevitable that SOMETHING will come up.

Check out the Blueprint for tasks, add your own tasks and print it out. Likewise, the helpful tidbits on the dashboard will provide additional reminders as your wedding day approaches.

Day of timeline

Have you started it? Surely, you have the basics, ceremony time, reception time and ending time, but what about everything else? If you haven’t started this, do a rough draft with the Timeline Builder.

Build out a rough draft and think of each person’s AND vendor’s actions… When should each vendor/person arrive? How much time do they need to set up/get ready? Where do they park? What equipment do they need?

PRO TIP: Be sure to include transportation time in between various venues (getting ready, ceremony/church, reception location, etc.)

The few weeks leading up the wedding, connect with each vendor to make sure they have all the details/information they need, and they confirm their needs. Double checking with the venue and photographer to ensure the timeline looks good prior to sending it to everyone else is a good idea.

PRO TIP: The venue does events all the time and can confirm your timeline looks good for load in/out and vendor needs. And the photographer will confirm there is enough time to capture all the photos you want.

Send out the timeline to EVERYONE involved one week prior to the wedding.

Here are a few more resources to help you out:

  • Inventory List
  • Photo shot list