Marriage License MUST KNOWS

Making it legit!! There are a handful of things to keep in mind when planning to obtain your marriage license! Getting your marriage license is necessary to make it legal and it should NOT be left to the last minute.

Requirements vary by country, state and even municipality

The various details and paperwork needed is dependent upon your county, state or country. 

If in the US, the requirements vary from state to state and if there is a waiting period to obtain it. See more information HERE

If outside the US, visit the country’s registrar or local municipality. 

Every location is different and depending on your own citizenship (if getting married in another country), it may require a little research to confirm the requirements. 

Allow enough time 

It is recommended to reach out to your local municipality to learn what the requirements are at least 3 months in advance. There will also be paperwork to complete and gathering of pertinent documents, so allow enough time to accomplish it all!

A cost is associated 

There will be a fee to legally get married, be sure to add this to your budget as well! Costs may vary from $20-$200 depending on your location.

Marriage Certificate (in the US)

A Marriage license is provided to the couple and will need to be signed by the officiant and witnesses. Upon completion of the wedding, you will need to return the signed marriage license to receive your marriage certificate! 

PRO TIP: Be sure to request multiple copies of your wedding certificate. It’s better to do it the first time and have extras many years later.