Flower Pricing Insight

Let’s get to pricing! To give you an overview of prices, here is a list below to get you started. 

Remember, depending on your market, type of flowers you want and experience level of the florist, pricing can vary.

Bridal bouquet $175-350+

Bridesmaid bouquet $60-120+

Boutonnieres $15-45+

Corsages $25-$45+

Arch (with partial florals) $250 – 2,000+

  • This can vary on what and how many florals you want.
  • And there may be a fee for the structure.

Arch (with full florals) $750 – 4,000+

  • This VARIES significantly depending on the size of the arch, type of flowers, how full you want it etc.
  • And there may be a fee for the structure.


  • Small (8″) $50 – 150+
  • Medium (12″) $100 – 250+
  • Large (16″+) $200 – 500+

PRO TIP: If you are thinking about using fake flowers, they may or may not be cheaper, depending on what you want.

A few additional reminders when working with florist: 

  • Some florists may have a minimum! 
  • Depending on the location of the florist and your venue, there may be a travel fee. 
  • As flowers have seasons, be sure to ask your florist what their recommendations are to align with your color palette and budget.
  • Ask your florist how to repurpose some of the flowers from the ceremony to the reception or even the bridesmaid bouquets.