Destination Weddings 101

We love to travel – let us pack our bags! If you are considering a destination wedding, not only are you planning a wedding, but also a trip for you and your loved ones! 

If you are considering or have already decided you want to have a destination wedding, here are a few FAQs to get you started!

What’s the difference between a Travel Agent/Advisor (TA) versus a Destination Wedding Planner?

Typically these are two separate people with two separate responsibilities that can work in tandem to make your day a success. But at times, it can be one person who has expertise in both.

A good travel agent/advisor will be able to help identify where is the best fit for you and your fiancé based on price, how you want your wedding to work, what details are important to you and the type of wedding you envision. They will be primarily focused on the contract with the property, negotiating amenities/add-ons, organizing travel arrangements for you and your guests, and providing the guidance and expertise about the pros and cons of properties and various geographies. 

A Destination Wedding Planner will help you with the logistics for the day of your wedding. They will be focused on the vendors and all the moving parts that will make your wedding a success. Support for the vendors may look like ordering flowers, linens, decor, discussing the flow of the day with the photographer, providing cues to your DJ and more. A planner will work with you directly to ensure the vision of your wedding day comes to life.

Do I need a TA? Or can I book it myself?

YES! TAs have the expertise on the properties, have built relationships with the resorts, know the industry norms and do this daily. They will help you in ways you didn’t know you needed. We highly suggest using a TA. Also, by doing everything yourself, you become the travel agent, the contract negotiator, the wedding planner and you are supposed to enjoy it all. It is a lot and by hiring a TA, you get to work with someone who takes it off your plate!

When should I start planning a Destination Wedding?

Per travel agents/advisors we have relationships with, it is recommended 12-18 months prior to your wedding date. By starting the process and sending save the dates to your guests, guests are able to start planning in advance for a vacation and to be financially ready to travel for your wedding. 

What are the benefits of a destination wedding?

Everyone’s preferences are different, but overall there are some common themes:

  • It can be simpler. 
  • It is often cheaper, of course, depending on your overall aesthetic. 
  • It is a built in vacation/honeymoon.
  • More time to spend with my friends and family.
  • Having a TA is the best decision to facilitate.

Is it cheaper than a “typical” wedding?

On average a “typical” wedding (facts based off of US data) costs around $33,000 while a destination wedding can range on average from $5,000 – $15,000. Every couple has different wants and needs for their wedding day and the overall cost will heavily depend on what your specific dream entails. 

There are many many details that go into planning a destination wedding and having a TA is a key part of an enjoyable experience. Please reach out should you need any recommendations for TAs. 

Will my wedding be considered legal if I get married in another country?

It is dependent upon the country! Some countries will allow you to have a legal ceremony, but oftentimes the couple will get married at home and have a symbolic ceremony abroad.

If your heart is set on a destination wedding, please reach out for our recommended list of TAs! They will immensely help you plan your wedding!