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Tools to plan your dream wedding

Timeline Builder

Create a detailed wedding day timeline. Divided into four sections for ease with activities prompts. Customize the activity and time based on your needs.

Vendor Contact

Onsite point of contacts added for each vendor. Vendor contacts can be downloaded for distribution when you send your timeline.

Vendor Logistics

Complete the detailed questions for each vendor. These are the logistic details needed to bring the day together. Download these details for your day of event manager.

Hiring Vendor Questionnaires

Know what to ask when meeting with vendors. Pro tips are sprinkled throughout the questions to ensure you’re asking the right questions.

Custom To-Do List

Based on your vendors AND wedding date! Tasks populate as vendors are added. Add your own tasks and deadlines as needed.

Location Info

List all of the locations used for wedding day: getting ready, photography, the ceremony, the reception and after party location.

Location Logistics

Detailed questions and logistic info for each location outline all the small details that make your day unique. Download these details for your day of event manager.

VIP Contacts

Family members, wedding party and any important people can all be listed here so vendors know who are the VIPS!

Resources & How Tos

The ultimate source of guidance, pro tips, and inspiration to optimize your planning experience.

Downloadable Blueprint

Share all of the logistic details, vendor contact information, timeline, and VIPS with vendors and the venue.

Planning a wedding can be expensive!

Full service planning can range from anywhere from $4000 to $10,000+ ... Yikes.

With Wedding Blueprint you get wedding planning guidance, knowledge and access to a planner for a fraction of the cost

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Wedding Blueprint is years and years and years of events, event execution, educating clients, creating the right systems and resources to elevate my couples planning experience! It's user friendly and packed with SO much knowledge!



Creator of Wedding Blueprint Co & Owner of Andrea Mock Events

What our couples are saying

I lovvvedddd your resources page. It’s all the information I was looking everywhere for in one place.
What an absolutely amazing tool. I could play around in it for hours and hours.
It looks great! I think it's super straightforward and easy to navigate.
Such a helpful tool to stay organized throughout the planning process!

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You can join today, and start planning all of the details, adding all of your vendors, filling in their detailed logistics and get your custom to-do list, and get personalized support in the Facebook group.

However, if after 60 days, it doesn’t feel like Wedding Blueprint is helping you plan your wedding, we will refund your payment.



Short Answer: Absolutely! 

Long Answer: Whether you join Wedding Blueprint Co 3 months or 7 months prior to your wedding, you will see ALL of the task lists, helpful resources and templates for your wedding. Likewise, the final months and weeks are some of the most crucial to ensure the timeline is organized properly, the logistics all come together and no detail is missed!

Short Answer: Yes! 

Long Answer: While booking the vendors is a huge accomplishment, there are still logistic details and organization that need to happen. The blueprint prompts you to organize all the vendor logistics and contact information, the timeline builder guides you to not miss a detail and you’ll receive helpful tips up to your wedding day!  Also, the tasks are not only for your vendors but there are generic to dos that don’t include your vendors i.e. scheduling appointments, writing vows, wedding party gifts etc.

Please submit the vendor you are hiring to  and we will work to create content to help you and future couples!

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: In the private Facebook group, additional helpful tips, reminders and how tos are regularly added.  If you have a specific question, add it to the group for some additional professional guidance.

AND once a month Andrea goes live for “office hours” to answer any planning questions!

Finally, if you have a lot to discuss and want a 1:1 consultation, in your dashboard, under “Need more support”, you will be able to book additional 1:1  services! 

Wedding Blueprint is the “HOW”. How you bring it all together.

For example,  you know you need a timeline, so the platform has a user friendly feature that has prompts to help you in building out the timeline. And you know you need vendors, but how does it all come together? Each vendor  has a list of detailed logistic questions that need to be answered to help you, venue contact and your event manager.

AND you receive the support from wedding professional, Andrea Mock who has been in the event industry for 10 years, supporting you in via the private Facebook group and during monthly “office hours”.

Yes! When completing the sign up process, be sure to use their email address and create a password for them! Then you can share the user info with them!

Great question! If you are looking for more hands on support, Andrea Mock Events (the owner and creator of Wedding Blueprint Co.) does travel and would love to connect with you with. Please send an email to or submit an inquiry on her website .

Bummer! Our primary goal is to help couples during their wedding planning process. Please send an email to for a refund within 60 days of purchase.

With almost 10 years in the event industry, I wanted to create a tool that was so easy and helpful for couples as they plan for their wedding! Logistics have always been my jam and I love cheering on couples! Yes, I am a woo girl!

Wedding Blueprint is years and years and years of events, event execution, educating clients, creating the right systems and resources to elevate my couples planning experience! It’s user friendly and packed with SO much knowledge!

Cheers! Andrea


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